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Offering custom solutions to boat flooring

Custom Non Slip Marine EVA Foam Flooring Process

DEKit Fort Myers is the top, authorized installer of customized boat EVA foam flooring in Fort Myers and the surrounding area. We help you - commercial & recreational boaters - achieve your desired custom look for a better boating experience.


Using a high-tech process from measurement to manufacturing, our state of the art technology ensures a complete and perfect fit every time.

Protecting and beautifying your boat with DEKit’s long-lasting and durable EVA marine foam flooring provides a finish that is time tested and better than other standard boat flooring options. With many color combinations and a variety of finishes, you can achieve your own high-quality custom look.

We take great pride in DEKit marine flooring products, and it shows through our very detailed and precision-fit process.

State of the Art Technology & Process

DEKit Fort Myers digital measurement of foam boat flooring and decking projects

Digital Measurement

We visit you and your boat anywhere. With advanced measuring tools, your DEKit flooring is measured to an exact fit right where you want it.

DEKit Fort Myers boat flooring and decking cad design process

CAD Designs

After measuring your boat, highly experienced CAD engineers design the final layout of DEKit flooring providing a perfect match to your boat’s dimensions.

DEKit Fort Myers CNC manufacturing process boat flooring and decking

CNC Manufacturing

Using precise CNC machines and highly-skilled machinists, your marine foam flooring design becomes a work-of-art with very detailed, clean and polished cuts.

DEKit Fort Myers marine decking and flooring quality control process

Quality Control

The entire process is checked and double checked for quality output. The supervisory team inspects every detail prior to the installation of your boat flooring kit.

DEKit Fort Myers boat flooring and marine flooring decking installation process

Flooring Installation

Your custom foam flooring comes with highly-trained DEKit installers. Each piece is carefully applied over a prepared surface for a perfect installation.

DEKit Fort Myers 4 year warranty satisfaction guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer you the only 4-year guarantee in the industry! With that level of protection, expect worry-free years of performance and enjoyment from your flooring system.


Can I add my custom logo or design?

Yes you can - no problem! If you have a special pattern or logo in mind, tell us about it. DEKit marine flooring products can be customized to accomplish any look you desire.

Is DEKit pet friendly?

Yes it is. Your furry friend will enjoy the cushioned comfort and non-slip safety feature. But, please keep in mind, if your pet scratches enough, the foam flooring will tear. But, under normal usage, DEKit flooring lasts a long time with it’s closed cell foam technology.

Will DEKit product stain?

DEKit flooring products do not stain! With the closed cell foam technology, your flooring and decking do not absorb liquids like fish blood or pet accidents. Cleaning is simple and easy. Using a mild soap and some arm action, you have nothing to worry about! If a spill or accident does happen, read our recent blog post on how to clean foam flooring on your boat!

What is the turnaround time?

Generally, based on manufacturing and market conditions, the process takes around two weeks.


We do it because we love making boat owners happy! We also take pride in how it can transform the experience you have on your boat. Comfort and style go hand in hand.

Trusted by Captains and Industry Professionals


If it's good enough for Freeman Boatworks, then it's good enough for us...


Precision and skill are important. We are experienced and seasoned when it comes to measuring and layout. When we put a floor down, its meant to last.