You've Got Foam Flooring - Do These Steps For Long-Term Value

DEKit's marine decking is designed to help keep your deck looking great for the long haul, and it also provides a great shock absorber to soften the blows of a day at sea. But to keep the marine decking itself looking new, it is important to clean it correctly. You do have to periodically wash it to remove things like dirt, grime, sludge, and stains. If you allow things to sit too long, they might hurt the aesthetics of your foam decking. When cleaning, follow these steps to ensure that you keep your decking looking nice.

Step One - Vacuum Bulky And Loose Dirt

The first step to cleaning your decking is to vacuum it. Getting rid of the larger bits of dirt and dust will help prevent it from getting even dirtier when you add water to the mix. Vacuum all the hard-to-reach corners and nooks. However, do not vacuum the deck if there is water pooling.

Step Two - Pour Clean Water Over The Deck

For the dirt and debris that wasn’t loosened by vacuuming, take clean water and pour it directly on the deck to remove sludge and dirt that can get trapped. Don’t saturate the deck too much - it only takes a light covering.

Step Three - Combine Deck Cleaner With Warm Water

Get a bucket and fill it with warm water, then combine the water with a cleaner that is specifically designed to handle decks. A good deck cleaner will help to loosen and lift away any caked-on debris and dirt. It is important to buy only deck-approved cleaners; otherwise, you can damage the non-skin protective polymer coat. The coating helps prevent stains and dirt from clinging to the surface of your marine decking.

Step Four - Scrub Boat Deck With Only A Bristle Brush And Approved Deck Cleaner

Carefully scrub away trapped dirt and debris that wasn’t loosened by the warm water alone. By lightly scrubbing, you can remove stains and sludge as well as built-up dirt and debris. Only use a soft brush or even a mop head in order to prevent any scratches to your marine decking. The deck cleaning solution will have a coating built-in that will help your deck to resist stains and aging. And this also includes fish stains! By the way, here are a few great Fort Myers bridges to fish.

Step Five - Rinse With Clean Water

Rinse the water, cleaner, and any dirt you have been able to get off of the marine decking. Once you have successfully removed all the grime and dirt, use a cloth towel to dry it off. Using a soft cloth should help to get any remaining debris and leave your marine decking and your deck looking amazing again.

Be Careful!

When it comes to marine decking, DEKit is a leader in the industry due to its durability and longevity, but it does have to be maintained, cleaned, and treated according to our specifications. If you use cleansers that aren’t decking-approved, they can cause damage. Never use any tool or instrument that can scratch the surface, which is why using either a mop or soft bristle brush is a must. If you take care of our decking products, they will continue to take care of you and your boat. For more information about how to care for your DEKit products, check out our informational literature!

May 16, 2022 — John Watkins