Boat flooring is not just required to enhance the interiors of your boat. It is also essential for the safety of the boat owners and the crew members on it. If you enjoy fishing or water sports, you need to be thoughtful while choosing the perfect type of boat flooring to fit your needs.  

Unexpected weather and rough seas can also make it tough to walk around your vessel. However, several types of boat flooring are available in the market that looks amazing and provides you with protection. Not only does boat flooring provide you with personal protection, but the right flooring can also protect your boat and enhance the overall value of your boat. So with boat flooring, it’s literally a win-win-win situation.

Let's learn about different types of boat flooring and why a certain type of flooring is the best for you and your boat, as well as help you make a wise choice. 

PVC Flooring Tiles

Easy-to-install PVC tiles are the best option to protect your boat from damage, whether at sea or in the sun. These tiles are available in different colors and patterns that look amazing and can be easily applied.

If any become damaged, you can easily replace these tiles by removing that specific piece. The only downfall of these tiles is that they fade with time as they are not UV stable/UV protected. 

Drainage Tiles

If you have a boat specifically constructed for fishing, then drainage tiles will be the best option available for you, in some circumstances. These tiles allow water to penetrate them. This helps in controlling the mess that is created during fishing. Then, to clean up the flooring, you have to use a hose and spray over the tiles.  

Any liquid on the tiles will easily flow down to the bottom. Like PVC flooring tiles, drainage tiles too are easy to install. Drainage tiles are much more expensive than any other tiles in terms of money but are the best option for anglers. The only drawback to these types of flooring systems is the diminishing returns on comfort from standing for long periods of time, which can lead to foot and back fatigue. 

Foam Boat Flooring

Foam Boat flooring provides a non-slip surface that does not absorb water. The product is soft and comfy, ensuring that your feet and your back do not get fatigued. As an authorized DEKit dealer, DEKit flooring is the best foam flooring product you have to consider as an option for boat flooring. Are we biased? Maybe, but when boat captains and industry pros tell us over and over about the value they get from DEKit flooring, you just have to listen to your customers. Their non-toxic foam boat flooring beats anything else available.  

In addition, DEKit's foam boat flooring has an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal coating, making sure no harmful microbes grow on it. DEKit's Foam Flooring absorbs much less heat than wood or aluminum flooring, so you can relax without getting your feet scalded by other hot materials.  

The antibacterial characteristic of DEKit flooring is one of the most crucial characteristics because boats are constantly exposed to the sun and water (and fish stuff), which is a breeding ground for harmful organisms. DEKit flooring is also UV stable, so you don't have to worry about the flooring getting faded. You can also get DEKit flooring custom-designed according to your needs and personality. Amongst all other types of boat flooring, foam boat flooring gives you a premium finish and unmatched durability.  

Marine Carpet Flooring 

Marine Carpet flooring has been in use for decades. It used to be just like the hardy carpeting used in households. But with time, many technological advancements have made it an opportunity to upgrade carpet flooring and make it more compatible with today's requirements of leisure boating and fishing adventurers.  

These days you will find marine carpet flooring much softer and more comfortable than it used to be. While it is durable and water-resistant in comparison with other types of boat flooring that are on the market, marine carpet does tend to fade over time from UV damage, as well as hold in more bacterial elements.  

Vinyl Marine Flooring 

Vinyl is another type of marine flooring that you will usually find on yachts and ski boats. But do not confuse it with vinyl household flooring. It is different from vinyl flooring used in the kitchen or your house.  

Like marine flooring, vinyl flooring has also undergone tremendous development to fit today's boating requirements. With features like waterproof and UV resistance, you can, without any doubt, apply it on your boats as a standard boat flooring option (not the best in our opinion). Good sound resistance is another feature that makes it stand out. For fishing enthusiasts, this feature is no less than a blessing, as vinyl is easy to clean. But beware, vinyl flooring can be slippery when wet. 

Aluminum Boat Flooring 

Lightweight and durable, these two words lead to our next type of boat flooring on this list. Typically used for smaller watercraft and Jon Boat deck material, aluminum materials make your boat lightweight and save on fuel consumption.  

Probably the most important feature of aluminum flooring is its long lifespan. Not only is it strong, but it’s also very resistant to corrosion - you can expect an aluminum boat with aluminum flooring to last 35-45 years! With these types of benefits, aluminum boats maintain their value. Be careful though; aluminum and saltwater do not mix, as the salt can lead to immediate corrosion if not properly protected. 

Rubber Boat Flooring 

Rubber flooring is made from recycled car tires, making it an eco-friendly option amongst others on the list. It is slip-resistant, ensuring you do not fall while running across the boat with wet feet, and it provides anti-fatiguing benefits. You can easily install this boat flooring type by using a self-adhesive and removing it whenever you feel like it. One disadvantage of rubber flooring is that it is not UV stable, so make sure to add a UV protectant or keep the flooring from direct, hot sunlight.

Wrapping Up: 

Among all the boat flooring options mentioned above, there were a few things that we constantly mentioned, like slip resistance, UV stability, waterproofing, durability, and anti-fatiguing properties. 

When evaluating boat flooring options, it’s always good advice to consider how you intend to use your watercraft, what environmental elements your boat will encounter, and the performance needs you require from boat flooring. 

Hands down, in our humble opinion, foam flooring tops the list as one of the most versatile boat flooring options available to meet many demands of leisure and sport boating. If you would like to learn more about marine foam boat flooring options, call us at 239.851.6030.
April 25, 2022 — John TenBrink