Marine Boat Foam Flooring: DEKit versus SeaDek, the questions now answered

Ethylene-vinyl acetate “EVA” foam boat flooring is an incredible product that can take boat ownership to new levels of enjoyment. 

Marine flooring is constructed of EVA technologies - an elastomeric polymer (natural stretch fiber) creating a rubber-like material that is pliable, cushiony, and very flexible. As an expanded foam rubber, EVA can be used to cover so many surfaces, particularly small boats, fishing vessels, and large yachts. 

DEKit versus SeaDek

When it comes to custom deck flooring, DEKit and SeaDek are two distributors of EVA boat foam flooring technology. Taking a look at their marine decking products, there are many similarities among the foam-flooring options. 

Both DEKit and SeaDek claim the following about their EVA foam flooring:

  • Made from PE/EVA, closed-cell foam
  • Offers a superior alternative to traditional molded-in non-skid flooring and boat carpet
  • UV-resistant, noise reduction characteristics, and protection for boat surfaces
  • Both DEKit and SeaDek products will NOT absorb water and are considered a “waterproofed” marine flooring material (even if scratched or punctured)
  • Provides traction for both wet and dry environments 
  • Both DEKit and SeaDek foam flooring reduce foot and leg fatigue with the foam’s shock-absorbing nature and deliverance of max comfort
  • Both products claim stain-resistant properties with proper cleaning
  • Both flooring products come with a peel-and-stick application formulated with an acrylic based high-bond pressure-sensitive adhesive 


  • DEkit applies their 3M Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) and UV protectants to the finished flooring product for added protection, beauty, and comfort

EVA Foam Flooring Characteristic Options

  • Both DEKit and SeaDek offer customizable flooring options with state of the art CNC machines, digitizers, and CAD design
  • DEKit and SeaDek have six (6) design options from which to choose. Similar styles: Standard, Pin Line, Faux Teak, Fish Scale, Diamond. DEKit offers a Wood Plank option, whereas SeaDek offers Hexagon 
  • Texture options come in Brushed, but SeaDek also offers Brushed and Embossed
  • DEKit and SeaDek provide customers the ability to apply Laser Logos
  • DEKit provides 13 color options and 32 color combinations; SeaDek has 35 colors
  • When it comes to EVA foam thickness, DEKit offers customers a standard thickness of 3mm | 5mm and a two-color thickness of 6mm | 13mm | 25mm. SeaDek provides 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 20mm in one color; 6mm, 10mm, 20mm two-color; and 9mm in 3 colors for additional personalization; 23mm (thickest)


  • Design Patterns: the only difference is that DEKit offers a Wood Plank pattern, whereas SeaDek provides a Hexagon pattern. Otherwise, most patterns are the same, as mentioned above
  • SeaDek offers an Embossed texture type, in addition to Brushed, which DEKit offers
  • SeaDek offers Fish Graphics based on the original artwork of Captain Stephen Ferrel and Geoff Chinn (Note: any type of graphic can be applied on both DEKit and SeaDek EVA foam flooring)
  • SeaDek has more single color options, but DEKit provides over 50 color options
  • DEKit has the thickest foam flooring option at 25mm versus SeaDek’s 23mm thickness

Product Pricing

  • Large 16” x 39” Helm Pads:
    • DEKit: $140
    • SeaDek: $160
  • 6mm, 36” Fish Rulers
    • DEKit: $35
    • SeaDek: $45


  • SeaDek is a bit more expensive based on the two-product comparison

Company Information, Product Warranty, Customer Service:

  • DEKit is based out of Charleston, South Carolina. They created their foam flooring product by taking existing products and enhancing it with quality components, customer service, and customization. SeaDek is headquartered in Rockledge, Florida. SeaDek came from the surfing industry, and have expanded their innovation in foam application since then
  • The EVA foam flooring product can last 5-7 years (based on regular cleaning, maintenance, and care, the flooring can last a lot longer)
  • Both company products are not warranted against pet damage
  • DEKit and SeaDek offer a 3-year warranty on material and workmanship
  • Both companies have trained installation floor technicians and have dedicated customer service departments


  • DEKit professes an industry-leading 3-year warranty behind the claims of their products
  • SeaDek’s EVA has a 3-year material warranty; the PSA cannot be warranted due to uncontrollable circumstances
  • SeaDek has been in the industry longer

Conclusion DEKit vs. SeaDek

SeaDek and DEKit are very similar in boat flooring products, features, properties, and applications. SeaDek got its start in the surfing industry and has been around longer. DEKit is better in some terms with its warranty and pricing, while in other circumstances, SeaDek proves its worth with more single colors and foam thickness options. In the end, the EVA foam flooring material you choose for your boat is well worth the investment, but ultimately, it depends on your personal choice. 

Overall, just keep in mind that EVA boat flooring material can make a big difference to your boating experience every time you take your “pride and joy” out on the water. High-quality, durable flooring material can extend the life of your boat and offer protection and comfort to users. DEKit and SeaDek are two popular providers of durable boat flooring materials used by boat manufacturers and owners for custom boat flooring and detailing applications. 

And basically, it comes down to warranty coverage, customer service, and who you feel genuinely delivers. Do your due diligence, but I have a feeling you will know which boat ride to take.

June 13, 2022 — John TenBrink