Why DEKit Flooring is Top Rated

Whether you use your boat for business or pleasure, it is a significant investment, so it’s important to do all that you can to keep it looking new for decades to come. Your boat decking has to withstand some pretty brutal conditions, from the hot sun bearing down to bait and fishing grime. The best way to maintain it is through prevention. Boat flooring is an excellent tool to protect what lies beneath. But not all companies deliver the same quality, so don’t simply Google “boat flooring near me” and pick the first option. Here are four reasons to choose DEKit over all others.

Fully Customizable
DEKit is all about customization. Unlike other boat flooring options that are standard and one-size-fits-all, we can help build your brand by adding your logo, choosing various colors, and accessorizing everything to be as luxurious as you want it to be! Not only will your deck look amazing and unique, but we can also deck out your entire boat to be spectacular.

Unparalleled Quality
DEKit uses a non-skid exclusive cross-linked PE-EVA that offers more safety and comfort. Our boat decking is designed to be highly shock-absorbing so you don’t feel the jarring that can lead to sore and tired muscles. The non-skid surface will also stop you from sliding around at sea, and the protective finish keeps it looking great day after day. We understand the harsh nature of the sea, so we created decking that makes it less punishing!

More Options
Not only is our boat flooring fully customizable; we also offer the largest variety of options from design to color and everything in between. We offer a traditional teak flooring alternative for those of you desiring a traditional wood look. If you want a little more pizzazz, we also have textures and patterns to give you a look unlike any other - it is all your creation! 

Expert Installation
Boat flooring is not a good do-it-yourself project. Our expert installation ensures a perfect fit without gaps or odd cuts. Whether you have an aluminum boat, ski boat, commercial boat, fishing boat, or kayak, we have the installers to make sure that it is done 100% perfectly. We understand that boat flooring only looks as good as the quality of its installation. Why invest in a product if it isn’t going to be installed professionally?

3-Year Warranty
We are so sure that you will be satisfied with our boat flooring that we offer a 3-year warranty if something should go wrong. If you follow the instructions for care and something isn’t right, we stand behind every boat flooring that we install. Boat flooring is an excellent way to protect your boat deck, but not all products are the same, and they don’t offer the same quality and comfort. Don’t just Google “boat flooring near me” and choose the first one that appears. It is a worthwhile investment, so make sure you invest with the best - DEKit!

June 04, 2022 — John Watkins